Bastogne 1944

Dez.1944 Belgium Europe

23.Dez.1944 Foy Belgium

In the early morning of December 16, 1944, eight days until Christmas. A terrible artillery strike surprises the American lines in the Ardennes.

He was followed by the strongest contingent that Hitler's armies still had to offer: Tiger tanks advance through the fog, SS divisions overrun US Army positions and massacre prisoners, in an apocalypse of blood, ice and fire the resistance collapses in many places .

The German counter-offensive in the mountainous, heavily forested and weakly defended Belgian Ardennes is aimed at Antwerp, the supply port of the Western Allies. And for a few days, until Christmas, it almost looks like she might succeed.

Shortly before Christmas, the Wehrmacht surrounded the city of Bastogne and called on the American defenders to surrender. The acting commander of the 101st Airborne Division, Anthony McAuliffe, answered with a legendary single word: "Nuts". Bastogne did not fall.

Diner in the Wood 1944